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Scientists and Engineers from all over the world have been discussing why we should return to the Moon. But LUNEX is open to everyone and to us every opinion is a valid one. In the next lines we are going to give you an overview on what was discussed so far. Then you can give us your views, ask questions and debate in the:

LUNEX Web Discussion Forum

You can also participate in the Young Lunar Explorers discussion forum where you can give ideas of how to implement the recommendations present on the  Young Lunar Explorers declaration drafted during ICEUM4. 


The Moon has been linked to Earth for more than 4.5 Billion Years, which includes the growing phase of both planets. The Moon did not suffer strong geological and weather effects that destroy ancient registers on Earth. This makes the Moon a keystone to understanding fundamental processes of planetary evolution. Much is still to be done.

Having an electromagnetic unpolluted farside, the Moon is the perfect place for low frequency interferometry and a good astronomy spot in the shadowed and cold areas.

It’s important to improve communication between everyone involved. We need to coordinate and merge lunar databases to maximize the utilization of collected data.

Science recommendations from ICEUM4



We need to identify the studies required as well as prioritize core technologies to be developed for lunar exploration and utilization, as it regards to, launch, transfer, propulsion, communication, landing, robotics, instrumentation, telepresence, virtual reality, infrastructures and human adaptation.

Technology recommendations from ICEUM4


Resources and Environment

Environment protection must be an important issue from three points of view. We don’t want the view of the moon in the earth’s sky to change. From a scientific point of view we shouldn’t change the unique environment too much which could disturb measurements and the ancient registers present on the lunar surface. Unlike on Earth if you change the surface it is going to remain that way for millions of years. But we do want to use local resources without disturbing too much. For all of this we need a plan how to proceed and how to minimize impact on the lunar environment.

Resource and Environment recommendations from ICEUM4


The Moon as a step to Mars, near Earth and Solar system exploration

The position of the Moon and the resources on the Moon provide us with an excellent springboard to explore further into our solar system and do this cheaper and more efficient than we could do from Earth.

To accomplish this objective we need to create synergies between ILEWG/LUNEX and International Mars Exploration Working Group, as well as Mars Society and other societies.

From those synergies we must define a Moon-Mars missions with related architectures as well as robotic outposts, followed by the deployment of large infrastructures and the Human exploration of the Solar system.

Commercialization and public/private cooperation

In here we must learn from past public/private partnerships, to prepare a sustained lunar exploration program. Also important is to carry out a market analysis and prospecting having in mind the Advertising of the Moon with merchandising, exploration of lunar images and in the future resources and tourism.

Infrastructures for Lunar base

Before being able to realize permanent human presence on the moon we should define exactly what is needed to support all aspects of this. We need to design and develop habitation modules, transportation, ways of working out on the surface, energy-generation, safety rules, every other aspect of living on the moon,

Public Outreach

One thing that is also very important is the information towards everyone not directly involved with exploration and development of the moon. Future generations must be aware of the importance of this work as the next step into the universe. We also want to make clear the benefits for all of mankind.

Societal and Cultural aspects

We think that is important to include the developing countries in this endeavor. Moon and space are also very good means for education, and social-cultural-artistic events.

Your opinion is important

We would like to know what you think about this subjects, feel free to choose one or more of your preference and discuss them at the LUNEX Web Discussion Forum. Thank you for your time and cooperation.

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