Best hunting boots reviews

If you are looking for the best hunting boots, you can check my reference, you might you’re your perfect pairs. Hunting boots are important for any of your hunting trip, they will keep you warm, comfortable and prevent injury. It is something that can make or break your hunting trip.

Danner Pronghorns

  • You must have heard about the great reputation of Danner Pronghorns. Their boots are among the most popularly used boots for professional hunters. The boots are also widely recommended by hunters, magazines, outdoor agencies. It is even recommended to be used by hunters who want to chase elk through some wildest and roughest paths in Colorado Parks and Wildlife.
  • Danner Pronghorns is more of a boots line than a single model pair of boots. You can choose from lightweight boots to full leather boots. The light weight boots are camouflage model which are breathable for your feet and help you to stay dry in the jungle. If you want to keep your feet warm, you should pick the full leather pair since they are very well insulated.
  • Danner is the fourth generation of pronghorn and so far is the best. The basic model in this series is their full leather boots (uninsulated ones). This model is the pair of boots that works great in any weather. They are super supportive, well-waterproof and yet very high quality. Heavy duty leather, called Gore-Tex, is used as the main material of the boots. You can find the boots in most common sizes. The boots also have the 8 inch upper to tightly fit and support your ankles and stay waterproof.
  • The shield stitching is used to stitch the boots so they can be in the best stage during the even toughest fields. The boots are also slipping-proof by its rubberized heel and toe. I have to say Danner pronghorn is gold standard for boot making, it is really balance between comfort and durability.

Danner Pronghorns

Muck Boots Rover 2

  • This is the best hunting boots for kids. It is quite a challenge to buy hunting boots for kids. The problem is you want to buy your kids comfortable and quality boots for them to enjoy the hunting experience but yet kids grow very fast and you do not want to spend whole lot of money into something that can be wore for a short time. You can try the Muck boots since they are durable and inexpensive. The boots are 100% rubber so they will not require much of your care.
  • When it comes to rubber hunting boots, Muck’s are among the best of them and with great value as well. Their designs are always improved for young people. Their boots are light weight since they are constructed hybrid. They are also waterproof since rubber is used for the surrounding and bottom of the boots.
  • Extra protection for heel and toe is also added to keep your kids’ feet from being damaged by sticks, rocks and blister. Even the boots are durable and tough, their spongy material provides a lot of support to the feet too.
  • You can find this boots in different size groups for big kids, little kids and toddlers. The great variety and affordability make Muck the best hunting boots for kids.

Under Armor Brow Tine 800gram

  • This is one of the best women hunting boots available in the market. Boots for female hunters have been developed a lot by gear manufacturers by improving the bounds and leaps. There are special considerations when it comes to women boots like the bigger toe box for their long toe nails, lighter construction and thinner foot bed.
  • One more thing is that women can get cold faster than men therefore they need better insulation. One of the great options for women boots is the Under Armour Brow Tine.
  •  Under Armor Brow Tine 800gramThe boots offer every great characteristic of a hunting boots like waterproof, great insulation and durability. This is the product of Under Armour, they are famous for manufacturing of outdoor and athletic equipment. The material used is high quality and best design to maximize utility and minimize weight.
  • The boots weigh around 800 grams with the prima loft insulation. This feature will keep your feet warm. The boots are wrapped in Under Armour fabric which can absorb the heat and have it warmth back to your body. They can also provide more comfort.
  • The boots are protected with the final layer of Gore-Tex lining which keeps them completely waterproof and maintain the light weight. This is the great option for women hunting boots since they are pretty light for heavy duty projects. You can also appreciate their modern design and durability.

Wolverine Ridgeline 5520

If you are looking for a pair of boots that will accompany you in your winter hunts, you should definitely check the Wolverine Ridgeline 5520 out.

It is the great model from the manufacturer with the best insulated hunting boots. They are made of all the best materials to complete the cold in winter hunt. The materials include thinsulate Ultra insulation, heavy duty leather, rugged outsole and Gore-Tex membrane.

These boots are very thick to ensure keeping you comfortable even on the roughest trails. It also goes with the full Gore-Tex to be completely waterproof. Happy feet, happy hunt!

In Summary

In terms of hunting boots, the function and the fit of your boots are the most important. A good pair of hunting boots in the jungle or in a cold winter hunt can literally save your life. So invest in the best pair that you can. Enjoy the hunt!

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