Comparison Between A Laser Rangefinder And A GPS Device

Golf is one of the most popular sports in America. They attract millions of people each year. You can see how the popularity of this sport grows by looking at the market for its equipment. This sport has seen many innovative technologies which are applied to their clubs and other gears like the best golf rangefinder. You can have more information about this new device on

Basically, if you want to take part in golf, there are many things that you need to prepare before you can set food on the course field. The most basic one is a set of clubs. There are a wide range of clubs for you to choose from. Choosing clubs is important as they will determine the success of each shot you make.

Besides that, you can improve the result of your shot by investing in a laser rangefinder or a GPS device.

In generally, both of these devices offer you the ability to correctly measure the distance between the balls to the target, the distance to any obstacles on the field or the distance to the middle of the green.

GPS devices

If you are considering buying 1 piece of equipment that could enhance your calculation of distance, you may consider between a laser rangefinder and a GPS device.

Although both of them serve the same purpose, they don’t share the same technology. In fact, there are many differences on the way these 2 gears work.

In this article, I will provide some differences between a laser rangefinder and a GPS device as well as their pros and cons so you will have a better knowledge about them. And if you are considering between these 2, you will be able to make the best decision for yourself.

Here are some differences between a laser rangefinder and a GPS device:

  1. The Cost

If you want to buy a laser rangefinder or a GPS device, the first thing you need to know in order to set your budget is the cost of these products.

The cost I mention here is not only initial price that you have to pay for the retail shop to bring the product home but also the cost that you may have to pay each year to gain access to the manufacturer’s database of the course field.

laser rangefinderIn general, a laser rangefinder and a GPS device will have the same price range. It means that you can both look for the expensive laser rangefinder and GPS device but you can also have ones with the average price and cheap price.

However, when a laser rangefinder only cost you the price you pay at first, a GPS device is not of the same case. While the one you buy can offer all the basic features that you find in a laser ranger finder, you need to pay for extra features for example more course field overseas as well as more useful information about your game’s statistics as well as detailed information about the course field.

However, there are still many apps which you can download from the Internet to use with your GPS device. And they are totally free.

  1. The Accuracy

The accuracy of both a laser rangefinder and a GPS device is the same. However, a GPS device can help you point out the distance between two things are and show you these two things. In the other hand, with a laser rangefinder, you have to find two flagsticks to measure the distance yourself.

Therefore, you have to have more skills and experience to measure the distance more accurately with a laser rangefinder.

However, if you are finally able to use the laser rangefinder to measure the distance correctly, you will find out that it provides the best accurate measurement.

A GPS device’s accuracy will have to depend on the databases of the preload maps as well as the accuracy of the system- which may sometimes not really good due to some external factors.

  1. The Ease Of Use

As I mention above, the accuracy of a laser rangefinder will depend on your capability. You have to find the targets for yourself. While a GPS device will automatically show you the advanced holes everywhere you go.

Golf-Laser-RangefinderTherefore, it is a little bit easier to use a GPS device than using a laser rangefinder.

With you want to use an app along with a GPS device, it is also very easy. You only need to put in some statistics as well as saving before each round and it will calculate all the information you would need about your performance.

However, you need to download the course’ information to your GPS device before you play. It is maybe troublesome if you want to play golf overseas but the manufacture database is only for national courses.

Here are some difference between a laser rangefinder and a GPS device. A GPS device uses a more modern and more innovative technology than a laser rangefinder. You would be able to find new model of GPS device on the market every month with more updates and innovations built-in features.

In general, a GPS device is easier to use and can measure the distance for you in a shorter time. A laser rangefinder requires you to have more skills and experience to be able to measure the distance accurately.

I hope that you would be able to see the difference between those 2 devices and would be able to make the wisest decisions for yourself.