You should know what chlorine does when it goes in the pool water. Chlorine is the biggest reason for exposing us to provide harm and all the waste materials that is present in the water. Chloramines is formed when you see chlorine is mixed with other harmful elements like urine and sweat that are the organic materials.

It has been noticed that many chemicals are reason for issues providing to health that is checked among the workers in pool and swimmers those swim.

The health problems one can face includes following:

The effects that has been noticed due to this chloramines and related compounds are the dryness in the skin, rashes and also eczema. This has been checked by the Center for Research in Environmental Epidemiology in Barcelona they also urged that more explosions can cause even cancer in patients and can be risky as well.

  • Eye infection:

The most serious and common effect of chlorine seen is eye infection. The symptoms seen are that the eyes are turned red. It has been noted that most of the effects of chlorine leaves red eyes for the swimmers.

  • Damage to your hair:

The Pacific Center for Health told more precisely about this loss that chlorine actually kills protein that is present inside our bodies. Chlorine damages your hair and is very harmful that may also result in losing your hair and it can also get away badly from your body.

  • Reproductive abnormalities:

Chlorine can also pass through blood vessels and other tissues that can cause reproductive issues and this may also lead to birth defects that are not good for the females. Precautions should be taken by people who are at risk to get such damages.

Asthmatic patients who tend to swim must keep themselves safe from such chlorinated water that can damage their lungs and can cause severe problems to them. Toxic gases present can also be harmful for such patients when swimming so they must either take proper precaution or must properly think of avoiding such issues.

It can cause other issues as well in patients so symptoms must be thoroughly checked and noticed among people.

  • Other problems faced by the swimmers:

Researchers are made that also tells that chlorine is dangerous and can cause other problems like:

  • Epiglottis
  • Cardio defects and problems
  • Cancer of liver as well as kidney
  • Neurological dysfunctionNeurological dysfunction

These damages can make your life in trouble, but however there is cure as well for such type of issues.