The reason behind people add chlorine in water is that it keep the swimming pool 100% clean by keeping the bacteria out and bringing purity in water. It helps algae to stay away and this helps to keep the water pure and to use easily. Chlorine is cheap in cost and is very easy to use by any company that is why it is mostly use to clean water.


You must follow simple ways that are important to protect yourself from getting damaged because of chlorinated water. These ways are further discussed below:

  • Try swimming outdoors:

Avoid swimming in pools that are closed and full of chlorination. This is often very dangerous as they may risk you in getting much damage that is asthma and even respiratory problems. Try swimming outdoors where you are free from toxic materials that may harm you.

  • Keep yourself hydrated:

While swimming you must keep you hydrated and stay away from chlorinated water. This can help you to stay away from moisture and will not even produce tears in your eyes that will reject bacteria and some other toxic materials.

  • Shower before swimming:

It is necessary to shower before swimming because it will remove sweat from your body that is stored. If this action is not taken then that sweat contains ammonia in it and that can react with chlorine and can cause damage to you. So taking bath before swimming is necessary to keep yourself safe.

  • Shower later than Swimming:

You should never wear clothes directly after swimming as chlorine can stay in your body and if not taken bath then it may cause damage to your body. Shower is done so that all traces of chlorine are washed over. You should use vitamin C which is best used to remove chlorine as well as chloramines.

  • Try to avoid water that is chlorinated:

It is not so easy to avoid chlorinated water but try swimming in open area or the area which is free from such chemicals.

  • Inhaling fresh air:

Try to inhale fresh air that will keep you safe from getting waste material into your mouth. Take few seconds to breathe properly and just done stay only at home.

  • Use different creams:

You may get many sun creams that will provide you comfort and keep you safe from sun rays and helps to less exposure from sun and its rays. In neutralizing chlorine topical vitamin C creams are more effective than ordinary creams.

  • For hair protection:

You must purchase swim cap that will help you to protect your hair. This will help you to protect your hair from irreparable breakage. The cap must be snug so that it can stay still on your head till the time you swim. But keep in mind your cap must not be so tight that it gives pain to your earshair protection

  • For eye protection:

Fr protecting your eyes you must have eye goggles that are necessary to use especially while swimming. It is not necessary that you use goggles only when chlorine is in the swimming pool. Other compounds can also harm you so for those reasons you must wear goggles. If you keep your eyes without goggles then there is risk of getting it injured.eye goggles