How To Choose Cheap Walkie Talkies

When it comes to two-way radios, most people will think about the walkie-talkies. That’s common sense, but they forget another part of this story – the commercial version of two-way radios. Although we talk mainly in this article below to help you choose cheap walkie talkies long range, we should first find the differences between these two units.

Walkie talkie vs Commercial two way radio

Originally invented during World War II for communication between soldiers or the head base, the walkie talkie later became a hot item for public and commercial use. As the shape that looks like a telephone together with an antenna on top and a built-in speaker, people can use the walkie-talkie to talk and listen in a limited range.

CXT 645There are a wide variety of walkie talkie’s prices on the market – from units as toys for kids to commercial version for business or public safety. Depending on the different uses, the walkie talkie is made to be two main version – consumer walkie talkie and commercial walkie talkie.

  • Consumer walkie talkie is basically small, lightweight with an attractive outlook. It’s able to access some specific band, usually the Family Radio Service (FRS) band in standard few switched channels. Consumer walkie talkie is most known for its personal uses in hunting, travelling or as children toys.
  • Commercial walkie talkie or commercial two-way radio, on the other hand, is made for more serious situations with metal cases and multiple built-in functions and programs which are compatible with special requirements of users’ jobs such as security, police, construction or medical teams…

Two-way radios are also defined as units that can both talk and listen at the same time like mobile phone or cellular telephone. Comparing to them, the walkie talkies can only allow one person to talk at a time because they use just one frequency between users to transfer and receive signal. But the pro of walkie talkies is that after purchasing, you don’t have to pay any monthly fees to keep using them. With standard alkaline or rechargeable batteries, they are all free to use as long as you want.

Buying guides

The main guide to find a cheap walkie talkie is to choose the one that’s suitable to your needs. You can check out some options below:

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  • Band

Two-way radio communication has two standard bands which are used by most people, including the FRS band as mentioned above and the General Radio Service (GMRS) band. Comparing to the FRS band, the GMRS is more powerful and you can keep in touch with each other in a longer range. But to use the GMRS band, you need permission from the Federal Communication Commission. Thus, in most cases, people will operate their radios on the FRS band which is free for everyone.

  • Range

Before purchasing any walkie talkies, you should do some research about their maximum operating range. Consumer walkie talkie can only be used below five miles. In case you only need a handheld two-way radio for low-range use, the consumer version is ideal. But If you’re looking for a walkie talkie that offers greater communication range, let have a look at the GMRS band walkie talkie.

  • Location

One thing I forgot about the range is that it is the distance users can communicate without obstacles. It means the range written in the description of a walkie talkie is only right in an open field. When you’re surrounded by buildings or trees, a five-mile range is now limited to just one or two-mile affect. Thus, your purpose will decide which walkie talkie is compatible. Of course, longer range walkie talkies will cost you extra dollars for their advanced features.

  • ChannelsCobra | Walkie Talkies

A normal inexpensive walkie talkie can only provide at most two available channels for you to switch while a high-end commercial two-way radio has up to 23 channels. Multiple channels allow users to keep in touch with other members without worrying someone interferes your conversations. If you don’t need these many channels, choose affordable walkie talkies to save you lots of wasted money.

  • Battery

There are two types of batteries you can use for your walkie talkie – alkaline battery or rechargeable battery. Charging units are obviously money advantaged because you can reuse them many times. But in case you’re going on a long trip into the jungle or somewhere you couldn’t charge your batteries easily, the standard alkaline batteries are your best option.

Optional feature

  • Privacy codes

It may be odd that privacy codes do not make sure 100% that your conversations aren’t leaked. But they play an important part to decrease the rate someone can tap or interfere with your communication. To use privacy codes, you will first pick a predetermined code and channel. Then only people who can tune into that channel with the secret code can communicate with the parties.Binatone Latitude 150 Twin 2 Way Radio

  • Weather channels

Several high-end walkie talkies offer a great accessibility to weather channels and they will automatically alert you when bad weathers such as storm, cyclone or other hazards appear near your way. It’s extremely helpful if you’re on a voyage or snow mountain.

There are still more advantaged features that two-way radios can help you along your business or adventure like headsets, key lock, silent mode… Just list all of your purposes and requirements you want when purchasing a walkie talkie. Then choose the right one with both your needs and budget.

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