Information About Matthew Bows

If you are a professional archer or just a beginner in archery, what you need the most is a powerful and versatile bow. And of course, you may have heard about Mathew bows. Mathew bows are very famous for their innovative technology as well as high quality materials as well as its best compound bow all time.  In this article, I will introduce some basic information about Mathew bow as well as the Mathew Company and its history, achievements as well as general reviews about its current product on the market. At the end of the article, I will provide something about where you could go to purchase a Matthew bow and study more about it, in case you are interested.

Mathew Bows

Here are some details about Mathew bows.

  1. The history of the company and the product:

Matt McPherson is the founder of the Matthew Company. He founded the company in 1992 after having established another company called McPherson in 1985. The most outstanding product introduced to the market at that time was an innovative invention called single cam bows.

Thanks to its unique and excellent design, it was lighter and helped archers to have more powerful and quicker shots. This product had no other competitors at that time. This product also marked Mathews as one of the most successful businessmen in the archery equipment industry. Mathews is based in Sparta, WI in America.

  1. Its Hall Of Fame:

Although the company was only established in 1985, long after many other big companies in the archery market, it was still be able to take the lead in the innovations and modern technologies in archery field. Here are several innovations that the company helped to contribute to the archery field as we know today namely the eccentric systems- which were introduced in 1992, limbs in 1996 and risers in the later years.

  1. It’s Fame and Customer Reviews:

Shortly after being founded, the company became one of the most famous brands in archery. The company has spent a lot of its money to advertise its name to all athletes and coaches. Besides having a good reputation, thanks to its wide range of good bows and other products, this company attracts many faithful customers from all over the world.

  1. The Company’s Product Line:

Mather Company offers a wide range of products which are suitable for everyone’s need as well as playing ability. There are also different ranges for men, women and children.

Here are 4 of its products:

  • Youth Bows: this product is for young athletes and has a moderate length that suitable for children to use it comfortably.
  • Bows for women: bows for women made by Mathews company are usually lighter and have decorative details like pink color in strings, making them more attractive to women.

Youth Bows of Matthew Bows

  • Competition Bows: these products are also varied in length, which help many archers to be able to choose the most suitable bows.
  • Hunting/3D bows: this product is one of the most famous products of the Mathew Company. These bows are applied many innovation and technologies which are the highest and most modern at this time.
  1. Choosing the Mathew bows:

There are a wide range of products of bows of Mathew Company. Therefore, it is quite hard for players, especially beginners to choose which bows will suite their needs. There are many factors you need to consider to choose the most perfect bow for you.

You should understand and pay attention to a bow’s specification listed by manufacture. Read about its shootablilty, speed as well as the ability to grip.

You should also know clearly about your need to choose the appropriate product line.

Set your budget and decide how much you will pay for a bow.

If you have been practicing archery for a long time, you will know what specification of a bow you need, you could go to the Internet and read about reviews of bows from other archers.

  1. How to use the Mathew bows:

First and foremost, you can ask your teacher and an expert at the archery shop to demonstrate how to use a bow for you.

You can also watch some clips on YouTube for clear demonstration about how to use a single cam bow as well.

Read the manuals of the product carefully to see about how to use the product effectively and efficiently.

Here are some general information, facts and details about Matther bows and its company. In general, the company is quite young in comparison with other competitors in the market but it is still growing and earning a large market share thanks to its innovative and modern products. There are several products on its product line. You can purchase one of them buying going to its website. Just remember that, you need to try and play a bow before you decide to buy it or not.

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