Review About Some Backcountry Skis Design

Skiing is one of the most thrilling sports that require both of your courage as well as your skills. In order to play it safe, your skills is the utmost importance. Your skills are generated from your experiences as well as your basic instinct. However, even if you have good skills, you should never be reckless. Another factor that could enhance your experience while go skiing is ski equipment.

There are various types of skis for various types of purposes as well as the conditions of the places where you will go skiing. For example, if you go skiing in a very steeply and sloppy mountainous area, you will need a ski which is specifically designed for going downhill. This ski will have mind-lift served and backcountry.


There are also many other factors in the ski that you need to consider if you want to purchase one such as the dimensions, sizes, material, the overall shape of the ski as well as its price. There are many products in the market. This article will give you brief information about some of the most


There are types of skis that are made to be used in very extreme conditions such as big snow. The areas of big snow are usually soft but deep. The designs of the skis need to come with bigger boots accompanying by excellent skills of the skiers. Moreover, these skies will be of a wider size with not so heavy but moderate weight boots. Last but not least, skis used in big snow need to provide flexibility for any rotation in the angles of the mountain’s slope.

Some famous brands of skis for big power/big snow are:

  • BLACK DIAMOND JUSTICE: this one has the biggest dimensions among 3 brands, which is of 188 cm, with moderate weight of 4 kg. The material inside the ski is wood. The design has a slight downward curve from the middle and quite a sharp tip as well as 4-buckle boots. All of these details will provide skiers better control in a harsh condition.
  • VOILE DRIFTER: This ski is much more moderate in term of dimension and weight, in comparison with the Black Diamond Justice, and has lightest weight among other type. Buyers of this ski will also enjoy a cheaper price than other products in this type. Also contain wood core, this ski offers a sharp tip and downward curves on both sides. Mid-seasons skiing is the most suitable occasion to use this ski. Coming with 3-buckle boots, it is also ideal in not very sharp and steep area. It is also pretty flexible which provide turnaround in the tightest corners of the mountains.                                                                                                                 skiing
  • G3 ZEST: this type of ski is made especially for women skier, therefore, the dimensions are not as big and the weight is also quite small as well.  Because it is made for women, it has a very attractive look with a lot of colors and beautiful design. Besides its look, it is a very powerful ski. Also made with wood core, it can handle well in the icy and tough surfaces of many snowy slopes. It is best to use this type of skis in the softer and smoother areas. If you are men with low or light weight, you can use this ski, just notice its color, it is best for when the snow is not that hard.

Another type of ski beside big snow is the All-around. Like its name suggest, this type is pretty versatile as it can be used in all occasions or situations with different kinds of snow and surfaces. If you intend to buy only one ski, you could go for this one. Here are some famous brands in all-around type.

  • BLACK DIAMOND JOULE: here is another type of skis for women. This one is quite heavy though but can be used in any type of snow. The dimensions are quite wide and can match up well with 4 or 3 buckle boots.
  • ICELANTIC NOMAD: this skis also offer wood core beautiful design. The side cuts are wide, which make it a perfect ski for harder snow. It also provides good mobility with smooth flex. It is also compatible with 3-buckle boots, making it a good choice for a great downhill performance.                                                                           skiing-man

Last type on the list is Touring/technical. This type is ski is for experienced and professional skiers who want to ski with more technics such as mountaineering.

  • KARHU XCD GUIDE: This ski is very lightweight with no wax base. It is also long enough to go with 3 or 4 buckle boots.
  • DYNAFIT SEVEN SUMMITS: this ski is short and light weight, which is ideal for tricky turn in a large area where there are slopes and steep couloirs.

Overall, there are various types of skis in the market as we have skis for women and kids, for light weight or heavy weight skiers. There are also various types of skis for all kind of snow-from soft to hard snow, and all kinds of surface. In order to pick the best ski for you, besides reading reviews and asking for advice from people who go skiing, you also need to try some to make sure they make you feel comfortable. Investing in a good ski will ensue you have a good time skiing as well as having the best protection against any hazard.