Road Bike and a Mountain Bike – What’s different

Unlike lovers of motorbikes, nowadays, with boys there are two kind of well-known bikes among countless bicycles which make they are crazing: road and mountain bikes. Each of them has their own specialization and characteristics. Specifically, road bike is capacity of increasing speed and supporting mileage better while mountain bike makes the riding process more stable.

Road Bike vs Mountain Bike

This is the biggest difference of two types of models. To understand clearer about them, would show you four aspects:

  1. Design:

As I said easier, the will provide the higher speed because its design is that the rider’s seat is near to the top of tube. Although this position will add the extra power for the rider’s legs, with rider’s seat near the top tube, you will have some stresses in the back. In terms of the handling aspect of both bikes, it has an extra difference.

For example, while with the mountain bike, it is very easy for you to handle bar in order to provide more control, the road bike model is designed with the bent handle bars. With the road bike’s handles design, it is provided energy more and more so its speed is also faster.

  1. Mass:hydrid vs road bike

Most of people know that the large limitation about speed is that the heavy weight of model. Therefore, the heavy model suits to the mountainous terrain due to it is very important for riders to go down as slow as possible. For this thing, most of manufacturers have produced the mountain bikes by the heavy material for reducing speed even the tyres are designed wider and model is designed the additional suspension systems for passing the mountainous terrain easier.

Unlike the mountain bike, the have to be lighter so the used materials for it are usually titanium or carbon fibre which are capacity of bearing weight well and supporting the heavy weight.

  1. Tyres:

All of mountain bikes need to have traction so their tyres have to be wide and closed with the covering material. That should be rubber for increasing the surface’s area. All of these elements allow riders to control their going down process better. On the contrary, the road bike’s tires are quite thin and sleek. The combination of this rubber tyres’ surface and the riding skill help riders maintain the bike and road friction.

  1. Suspension:

The only purpose of road bike design is to provide the bigger speed because it does not have this feature, though its materials absorbing the uneven roads’ shocks. Meanwhile, the mountain bike model owns front shock absorbers as well as rear suspensions.

  1. Conclusion:

Both of bikes above have their own specialization and characteristics so depending on your using demand, you ought to opt for the most suitable one. Price of the cheapest bike is 200 $. However, if you would like to find a custom made model, its price will be higher than the normal bikes.