Ski Trip Considerations: Effects of Snow Cannons on the Environment

As the title suggests, this article share the information about the effects of the snow cannons on our environment. Cold wind of the winters and first shaving of the snow always put the countdown to most expected ski trip to end. Nevertheless, the patterns of snow have changes a lot due to the global warming by making the ski recourses to use non-natural resources in order to create the snow with snow cannons. Generally, ski resorts utilize this machine for generating the initial layer of the snow.

It works in a simple way as snow cannons generate snow by merging the condensed air and chilled water. The condensed air performs three important roles in the entire process of generating the non-natural snow. Firstly, it atomizes water or tears them into several tiny droplets. Secondly, it also blows out the water drops in the air. Finally, it aids in cooling down the water drops as these drops fly in the air. Moreover, during the warmer days, an agent namely Snowmax is used. Snowmax is a protein that gives the nucleate for the ice crystals, allowing freezing at the temperature of -3c. Even though, it is considered as a redeemer, still these snow cannons have adverse effects on our environment.

Its simple ways:

As it utilizes the water for generating non-natural snow, it upsurges the water consumption. According to the estimation of an article, which was published on the, snow generating in France utilize additional water than in a city having 170,000 people. Nevertheless, there are some resorts, which are using the preserved wastewater for generating snow in spite of using fresh water from the funds.

Furthermore, it utilizes ample energy. It adds more problem in global warming by generating the huge amount of the energy output. Moreover, these machines also contribute a lot to the noise pollution. According to an estimate, single snow cannon generate sound around about 60-80 decibels and this sound is equal to noise produced by the heavy traffic. Apart from noise pollution, this noise also annoys the wildlife in mountains.

Another disadvantage is that, these machines use particular chemicals to generate non-natural snow. When the non-natural snow melts, remains of the chemicals, which are coming from this snow might affect vegetation.

Besides, non-natural snow is consider much thicker as compare to the natural snow; therefore, it melts late than the natural snow. That is why it increases the dimensions of melted water, which come from the mountain, resulting in natural erosion. Moreover, chemical flavors sued in generating non-natural snow might discover its way in to the streams, which delivers drinkable water for resorts. Treated water can also cause additional harm to our environment.the natural snow


Snow cannons might aids in maintains the business, but we cannot ignore its harmful effects on our environment. Therefore, ski vacationers can play an important role in keeping the ski business alive by following the below given ways.Snow cannons

  • Take some important steps in order to decrease the use of energy.
  • Try to unplug the rarely used appliances. Moreover, turn off the lights while leaving the room