The Best Tips to Choose the Right Hunting Boots For Your Season

During the open season, all hunters want to have the best hunting boots in the world for their feet.  It’s because a pair of durable and compatible boots will allow hunters to move comfortably through many types of terrains. Smartly designed hunting boots also help them focus on stalking the prey without worrying what they might step on.

There are a lot of good hunting boots produced by many manufacturers on the market. As a hunter, you shouldn’t miss these hunting boots below. They are the most wanted hunting boots list this year. With this quick review, I hope you can find your chosen one.

The Hunting Boots From Kenetrek Brand.

The Hunting Boots From Kenetrek Brand.

  • Material: Leather
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Height: 11 inches
  • Product line: Wind- Tex


The Kenetrek is quite a young brand till now but don’t underestimate because of their age. Although this brand has been established not for a long time, Kenetrek’s products have their unique charms and characters which gain so much attention of customers around the world.

What make Kenetrek special? First, they use standard leather to make the boots, which give the hunters a high protection level against moisture. Regardless of what types of weather condition you’re going to hunt, you will be absolutely confident thanks to the waterproof capability of Kenetrek’s hunting boots. With great durable material, your feet are safe from water, sweat or moisture during every long hike for hunting.

The second advantage of this type of boots is the use of lightweight K-talon to make its outsoles. You can rely on this strong feature to walk or run on any harsh or rough environment. With this boots, the problem of stepping carelessly on any sharp gravel or stone is no longer your concern. Your hunting journey will be happy and safe from any inconvenience your feet may have.

Whenever you intend to hunt in the rough environment in a long period of time, consider choosing Kenetrek hunting boots for your feet’s protection. Be careful when purchasing any copycats of Kenetrek boots on the market. They can last only for a short amount of time.

The Lowa Men GTX Trekking Hunting Boots

The Lowa Men's GTX Trekking Hunting Boots

  • Material: Nubuck
  • Weight: ~ 2.4 pounds
  • Height: 10 inches
  • The product line: Gore- Tex


Founded in Germany since 1923, Lowa manufacturer is considered as one of the top companies in term of outdoor products. The company always have its products accessed the top technology of the world to create a brand name which gains customers’ strong belief and loyalty.

Nubuck is the material used to make Lowa boots. For someone hasn’t known yet, nubuck is the cowhide leather which has been buffed on the outside of the hide to form a top-grain cattle leather. Strong water resistance is the typical advantage of this boots because Lowa uses cleat and rubber to make its sole. You will have a strong traction on any harsh terrain thanks to this feature.

Moreover, the value of Gore-text water-resistance material lies in the capability to limit the friction and remove any moisture from your feet. But that’s not good enough when it comes to Lowa brand name. The air chamber of this hunting boots in the pattern is famous for its smooth shock absorption and your feet will be comfortable in a whole hunting day.

You will be definitely satisfied when wearing this kind of hunting boots in your hunting time. Seeking the prey is never easier with this boots no matter what types of terrain or weather condition you’re going to confront. With multiple functions of the nubuck material, the Lowa Men GTX Trekking Hunting Boots are everything your feet need in this season.

The Lacrosse Men Aerohead Realtree Hunting Boots

The Lacrosse Men Aerohead Realtree Hunting Boots

  • Made from: Polyurethane
  • Material of sole: rubber
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Height: 18 inches
  • Product line: Neoprene


Established in 1897 in the USA, Lacrosse manufacturer was one of the largest employers in Wisconsin state. Lacrosse hunting boots are outstanding for their high quality. The Lacrosse Men Aerohead Realtree Hunting Boots has the famous neoprene quality with the high-knee style.

Lacrosse has the boots’ soles produced from rubber, which gives it the endurance and durability to operate in any terrain or environment. Especially, a compact version of the Aerohead Realtree is well designed to help you stalk the prey better with its lightweight and fast movement speed.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about the smell. This tyoe of boots is scent-free as well as waterproof. Its material is the one used to insulate freezers and refrigerators, which has another good benefit that your movement is so quiet that you can stalk your prey undetected. The polyurethane shell forms a thick layer under your feet giving them a long comfortable time together with both excellent insulation and shock absorption.