The Reality of Hiking Kilimanjaro mountain: Training for the Climb

Have you ever had any adventures in your life? If not, you can think about climbing up Mt Kilimanjaro. Do not worry with your first time. Actually, you should be pleased in place of worrying because this climbing process is simpler than your think.

  1. The appropriate equipment

Besides walking skill, another essential preparation is that the appropriate equipment for beginning your conquering process in Mt Kilimanjaro as convenient as possible. Obviously, it is quite necessary for beginner hikers for training with all of hiking items before the real trip which helps participants have the exact feeling about how they will be during the reality of hiking Kilimanjaro. First of all, you ought to spend an adequate amount of money a pair of hiking boots then buy the next essential items including ruck sack and walking or mountaineering sticks.Mt Kilimanjaro

  1. The most important skills

  • To hike up Kilimanjaro mountain successfully, the most important element is your walking ability. Most of people conquered this mountain who said that the key is to walk slow and stable instead of increasing seed in order to push your body up. What you need to do for your first trip is to learn how to increase your endurance so that you can pass the different rough terrains in the long hiking time.
  • To make sure a perfect trip, you are able to train your strength and endurance at gym in order to have a suitable and healthy body before hiking up the Mt Kilimanjaro. Another good method is to hike on the treadmill’s incline. Although these ways also provide a quite good effect, they are just the beginning.
  • Actually, to ensure the success in your trip, you must train outdoor even you had better perform both of them, in the event of wanting your strict success. For example, you can familiarize yourself with the short walks at the familiar hilly or mountainous places where you usually spend your weekend to travel.
  • Remember to do this thing in a long time that means you have to increase your training time gradually and slowly without being rushed. The real shortest to longest time of person for hiking the top of Mt Kilimanjaro is usually from 4 to 8 hours even some of hikers can be overnight. Do not worry about your age, weight or body, this kind of sport activity in Mt Kilimanjaro suits to everyone as long as you are capacity of hiking well thanks to instruction above. Though hiking up the Kilimanjaro mountain is merely as simple as walking, before this hiking trip, you have to make sure your body, strength and endurance as well as possible.

Unlike the normal sports, I am sure that this will be an unforgettable experience for everyone. A small advice for you is that when hiking, you had better find a suitable partner for yourself  because he or her is the strongest motivation so that you achieve the ultimate goal