Tips On Buying The Best Clubs For Beginners

If you are searching for best golf clubs for beginners, you may have come across various reviews. However, if you still feel confused and puzzled because there is a wide range of products with different types and materials available on the market, you should plan and check our tips bellows for more guidance about choosing the best set of clubs for your game.

So why is choosing a set of clubs so important?

You need to pay a lot of time researching and reading reviews as well as hints and tips on choosing your first set of clubs for many reasons.

Buying the most proper set of clubs is the first step to your success. Firstly, you will learn better with the best equipment as they will not ruin your postures and well as your accuracy and mind set about the distance and the power.

NVI Custom Golf ClubsAlso with proper equipment, you can improve your game latter on while you have learned about the basic rules.

Last but not least, a good set of clubs needs to be durable so you can play them for a long time. Imagine that you are used to playing with one set of clubs and have to change because they all wear out. It will take you time and money again to look for a better set. And you also need time to get used to the new set of clubs, which is then affects your overall performance.

The Basic rules:

The thing is no one would be able to tell you what you will need to most. You can choose whatever types of clubs you want, you want that all of your clubs are putter or drives then go with it.

The maximum number of clubs you can carry with you is 15. And you can put in your bags with 15 putters if you like.

However, nobody would recommend you to do so.  You should have a diversity of clubs in your set. The reason is simply because you will need different clubs for different purposes. It will be difference between sliding your ball along the greens and shooting it into the hole.

The most common clubs that most users would take to their course field include one driver, some irons as well as putter. They are the most basic one that you would need for your first game. You can add more when you improve and have more skills.


How to choose your best clubs

  • If you have never play golf before, you can borrow some of your friends’ equipment first. Learn to play golf with them and then decide to buy your own set later.
  • This will be able to give you the chance to get used to shooting and have some experience with the set of clubs. When you make mistakes, you will know what you will need in a club.
  • You should also come to the shop and ask for advice from the expert. They will help you to narrow down to what fits you the most. Ask them about the product’s material, instructions as well as warranty.

Also consider your budget wisely. There are many prices of clubs ranging from hundreds to thousands. First, you should consider your purpose when playing golf. If you play for fun but still want to pursue it in the long run, you can opt for medium range price.

If you want to purse the sport seriously, you could consider buying an expensive set of clubs. However, you should borrow some brands and models to try first before deciding to pay a fortune for it.

Marked_ball_and_clubAlso you have the option of buying a full set with cheaper price than buying each clubs separately, but as I mentioned before, this means you will end up having more clubs than you need, which turns out to be a waste of money.

If you come to the shop unprepared, you might see yourself buying many clubs that you won’t need for your first few games at all. Therefore, you should make a list of what the most basic clubs are and buy them first. You only need from 4 to 5 clubs in your bags to be able to put the ball into the hole. Ask the shop’s experts about what the most typical clubs for beginners are.

Make sure you try them on for a few swing to see if you can grip on the clubs well. Also see if you can feel their weight or not. A heavy club is ok at some first tries, but if you have to take a long walk as well as playing a long game, it can become a burden.

Also you need to feel comfortable when swinging the club so that you can perform better with that one.

Having proper equipment for golf is as important as having correct techniques and skills. You will never be able to improve your game’s performance without having the most suitable set of clubs. Therefore, you should invest a lot of time and money into buying the best ones so that you can have more fun and enjoyment when playing it.

Just remember that you only need some basic clubs at first, which are drivers, iron and putters- make sure that your set of clubs is diverse. You can add more latter on.

I hope that after reading this article, you have gained some knowledge and would be able to make the most informed choice.

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