Tips on Buying Your First Pair of Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

Best Running Shoes for Flat FeetIf you are in the search for your first best walking shoes for flat feet, you will be surprised at the wide selection you might have on the market. There are many types of different types, materials and designs for you to choose from.

The process of choosing the best walking shoes for flat feet will take a lot of time and energy. Luckily, there are a few tips that can help you to quicken the process but still allow you to choose the most suitable pair of walking shoes. Just keep in mind that there is no pair that is the best. The one that is perfect for your friends might not work on you so go try out before making your final purchases.

And here are some effective tips to help you buy the first pair of walking shoes:

1. Know Your Walking Environment

Know Your Walking Environment

  • First of all, you need to make sure you know about your walking condition before you pick up a pair of walking shoes.
  • As I mention above, there are thousands of walking shoes for you to choose from and when you are able to pick up the right environment you will mostly use your walking shoes, you are able to narrow down your choice and help to quicken the process of choosing your shoes.
  • So think about your walking environment carefully. If you intend to use you walking shoes to walk on hard surfaces, it is very important that you can find a pair of walking shoes with good insulation and extra cushioning to support your knees and ankle.
  • On the other hand, when you often walk on slippery surface, it is worth spending your time and effort to search for the pair with good grips. They can help to prevent slippery and falls better than any other type of walking shoes.

2. Choose The Price

Choose The Price

If you intend to use your walking shoes a lot, you should invest in a high quality pair so that it can protect you better and bring you more comfort. Not to mention that it is more durable, which is worth your money in the long run.

And in case you are going to buy a pair to use for a short time, go with whatever price range you can afford. Keep in mind that in most of the cases, the cheaper the prices are, the lower the quality they have.

3. Go Shoe Fitting In The Late Afternoon


  • Second of all, you should avoid shopping for your pair of walking shoes in the morning. You should go in the late afternoon or at the evening instead. This would make sure that you can find the right size of shoes for your feet.
  • Scientifically, the size of your feet gets bigger in the evening than in the morning. It is because that your feet get swollen after you have to stand or walk on your feet all day long.
  • And when your feet get the biggest sizes later in a day, it is the perfect time to try on some few pair of shoes to make sure you can find the shoes that fit you the most.

4. Try On The Shoes You Want To Buy

  • It is worth mentioning that it is crucial if you can find the right size and have proper fit for your walking shoes. You should try on the ones that catch your attention before you decide to buy it.
  • Although you know very well about the size of your feet and your normal size of shoes that you wear, it is a good idea to wear and walk on them as different manufactures might have slightly different sizing chart.
  • Try to tip toe on the walking shoes to see if they can provide you enough comfort and flexibility. You can also twist the shoes and bend them as well.
  • Furthermore, you can wiggle your toes to see if they have enough room inside.

Width And Length Of The Shoes

One mistake people often make is that when the toes and heel fit nicely into a pair of walking shoes but the two sides are a little bit tight, they change to half a size bigger shoes. That might end up in a pair of shoes that you often slide your feet while you are walking in it.

The solution for this problem is choosing the wide option of the same designs. This is one of the most common problems that people with flat and wide feet may encounter. Luckily, there are many designers and brands offering both normal and wide option of walking shoes with the same designs for you to choose from.

The best walking shoes are important to keep you feel comfortable all day long. With all of the tips above, you are sure to be able to find the best walking shoes in a short amount of time but still fit your preference and needs perfectly. All the time you spend on choosing the right size and designs will make you feel comfortable and pay off for you later on.

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