Tips on Finding the Best Balance Bike for Your Child

balance bikeSmart gear bike balance is among the top gears that parents want to buy for their kids. The market for balance bike is huge and increasing day by day with various brands including Smart Gear, Skuut and Schwinn.

The reason it is so popular is because of its various benefits. If you let your children train how to be balanced on a balance bike, she or he will learn it really quick and would be able to ride normal bike in a short time.

For people who are new to balance bike, it is a small bike for kids over 18 months old. It has 2 wheels like a normal bike, just with no pedals.

When the child first gets on a balance bike, she or he will learn how to walk on it first. Then when they become more confidence, they could get their feet off the ground, gliding along and balancing on the two wheels.

And because learning how to balance is one of the hardest skills when a child learns how to ride a bike, therefore, the balance bike supports, enhances as well as quickens the process of learning how to ride a bike for a child.

Furthermore, instead of buying a tricycle and then a 12 inches training bike with wheel, now you would be able to purchase only one gear for your child in the learning process of riding a normal bicycle.

If you are interested in buying a balance bike for your kid, there are several things that you should know before buying in order to pick up the right balance bike.

Here are some tips on finding the best balance bike for your kid:

1. Balance Bike’s Height

This is one of the most important factors that you need to first consider when choosing any
particular kind of bike.

Balance Bike’s Height for children

Your child will be able to feel comfortable as long as his feet can
touch and lay flat on the ground. Besides the fact that a proper height will make your child feel more comfortable, because the balance bike comes with no brakes, requiring your baby to stand on its own in order to stop. Therefore, a balance bike with proper height will be able to ensure safety for your children.

You could measure the height of your child as well as the length from the crotch to the ground and check with the seat height provided by the manufacturers.

Alternatively, you can put your child onto the bike and tell him to put his feet on the ground to see if his feet can lay flat and he feels comfortable.

2. Balance Bike’s Wheels

Balance Bike’s WheelsThere are 2 most common types of baby balance bike wheels including the rubber wheels and the hard plastics wheels. Both of these types have their own pros and cons and are used by people with different needs.

  • A pair of plastic wheels can help your balance to be more compact and reduce the weight of the bike, making it easier for them to direct their bike the way you want to. However, having a balance bike’s rubber wheels increase your chance of getting sharp objects that go into your arms.
  • A pair of rubber wheels also has certain pros and cons. These types of wheels go well in tough and sturdy surfaces.  However, rubber wheels are more expensive and tend to add extra weight to your baby’s balance bike.

3. Balance Bike’s Weight

The last thing on the list of what you should pay attention is it the balance bike first.

Because our baby bodies are not so strong, therefore, you need to buy a lightweight balance bike so that your child and move it and pick it up easily.

Furthermore, when they play with the balance bike, fall can happen. And in case of fall, a balance bike with a soft and lightweight material tends to fall smoother than the other balance bikes.

There are also various characters of a balance bike that you need to consider such as the color and style. You should also check for the medial of the bike.

When you have just finally purchases the balance bike, you should read the manual books carefully for unwanted extra situation.

Overall, a balance bike can help your toddle to learn how to balance before she or he can quickly transfer to riding a bike.

When you are selecting a balance bike for your kid, you need to check its height, its weight as well as it wheels carefully in order to pick out the best balance bike.

I am sure that once you purchase a balance bike, you will be able to have a lot of good time with your kid and your kid will sure learn how to buy a normal bike in a short time.

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