Tips On Pitching In Slow Pitch Softball Using The Right Skills

One of the most popular spots in the US is slow pitch softball. The market for top softball bats is very large with hundred types of bats with different materials and technologies. If you are interested in this sport, it is very important that you can find yourself a suitable bat.

It is also very important that you equip yourself with the right techniques for pitching. It is worth noting that with a slow pitching, the ball cannot receive enough energy for a proper movement.

With you hit the ball with the wrong techniques; it can have many potentials of hitting the large shots. In some cases, it could even lead to homeruns.

In this article, I will introduce you some of the most important techniques when you play the slow pitch softball. There are 3 keys things here that you should remember: the arc, where you stand and your grip on the ball.


  1. The Arc

If you are able to form a large arc, the batter will find it difficult to hit the ball and make longer shots.

  1. Your Position

Basically, where you stand on the strike zone will determine the distance between you and where the ball will land to.

If you want to have a longer distance between you and the destination of the ball, throw a little higher.

If you want to reduce the distance, just let go of the ball earlier than you would normally do.

  1. Your Grip On The Ball

It is very important that you know how strong you grip on the ball. Depending on different power you have on the ball, you will have different techniques to be used.

Because the game’s results are based largely on the movement of the ball, having a proper techniques with pitching is very important.

Here are top tips on pitching in slow pitch softball:

  1. Straight pitch.

Men's Spring Slow Pitch SoftballThis is one of the simplest and most common techniques that every player should know about. In this technique, your thumb should be placed at the bottom of the ball while your index and middle finger are placed on the top of your ball. You also need to keep your index finger and your middle finger as close as possible to each other.

When you throw the ball, you need to do it in the position as your thumb is at the top and aim directly towards the home plate.

If you want the ball to go further, you should put more energy and throw the ball quicker.

It is also very important to note that if prefer to use your right hand, the ball will slightly go to the right hand side. If you often shot with your left hand, the ball will go to the opposite way- to the left hand side.

  1. Slider Pitch

With a slider pitch, when you throw a ball, it will curve slightly at the end of its route, when it reaches its destination.

With this types of pitching, your index finger and middle finger need to be at the top of the ball while your thumb go as close as possible to the ring finger and the pinky finger at the other end of the ball.

You need to make sure you hold the ball tight and change the position of your thumb finger to the top when you throw the ball.

Just like making a straight pitch, if you are right handed, the ball will go slightly to the right.

  1. Curve Pitch

Curve PitchAs I mention above, even with a straight pitch, you tend to throw the ball to the right a little bit. So with this pitch, you have the position of your fingers just like when you do the straight pitch. However, the middle finger should be placed slightly to the right hand side so that the ball can go in more curvy direction.

Here are some of the most effective and common tips about pitching in slow pitch softball. You should remember that there are 3 key things that will affect your techniques, which are the arc, your position and your grip on the ball.

With different kinds of techniques, namely the straight pitch, slider pitch and curve pitch, you will have different positions and different ways to hold the ball. It is very important that you know some of the most basic techniques to have the best effective throwing and prevent your components of getting points.

There are also many other techniques which you can learn and try to see which one is the best for you.

With knowledge and regular exercise, you will gradually become better at the game. Remember to always be confident and you will have your success easier than you think.

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