Top 10 Tips on Buying a Trampoline


We have talked a lot about trampoline reviews; today let’s get on with 10 take-away tips when you decide to buy a trampoline. There are several questions that you might want to ask yourself. Here are they:


  1. Are you going to use or to ignore your trampoline if you buy one?

You will be surprised of how much the trampoline will get used by your children. All of them, seriously, I have not met one that does not like a trampoline. Many parents tell us that the best decision that they have made for their kids is getting them a trampoline, they love it. That similar comment you will get even after years.

  1. What shape of a trampoline should you buy: a rectangular or a circular one?

For family use, circular trampoline is more popular as it does not have as much power as the rectangular ones. Those powerful trampolines are normally seen with professional gymnasts.  Moreover, bouncers tend to be directed to the centre of the trampoline with a circular one, this, in fact, you reduce the risk of falling off the trampoline. You should be extra careful with children, it might be very dangerous for them to use a rectangular one.

  1. What size of a trampoline that you want?

You should make sure that the trampoline fit in your garden. The round trampoline can have sizes ranging from 6ft to 16 ft. There should be a clear surrounding of around 18 inches around your trampoline to attach a safety net to protect bouncers from falling off. The site that you choose to put your trampoline on should be free from any cloth hanger or cables and should be level enough for the trampoline to be stably placed.

  1. How long will they last?

Trampolines are often last for a very long time. The usual guarantee time of a trampoline is around 5 years. It is important to remember that kids grow up fast, keep that in mind, you might want to purchase something big enough for your kids when they grow up as well as now. It will be effective cost saving later as you can avoid buying another one in two or three years.

  1. How do I choose which supplier to use?

You will find that it is often a trampoline package will not fit your car as it is too heavy and large. Most people will choose to have trampolines delivered to their door using internet providers or mail orders. A good supplier to pick is the one specializing in trampolines since you can ask them for advices and assistance during the whole process of choosing, installing and other ongoing concerns.

  1. What features in a trampoline that you want?

The first and most important thing of a trampoline is its frame. The main material for a trampoline frame is galvanized steel, which are protected from rusting. You can find a good quality one which has both inside and outside coated.  You should carefully look at the weakest part of the frame which is the joins. The joins are normally welded joints, they can be found pretty poor quality, and might break over time. Another option is T-joint by Atlantic Trampolines, in this method, they avoid using weld.

The second next important thing is the bounce mat and spring padding – it is important for you to choose hard-to-wear and strong mat. The mat should also be smooth enough to not damage bouncers’ bare skin when they fall on it. One good choice is the mats made of Permatron Polypropylene. The material is designed to be UV protected; therefore, it can last forever in the sun. You can also find cheaper trampolines using PE material; however, it will be in bad shape in just a year of use.

Weight limit – it will be stated on each trampoline for maximum weight, the normal one which can hold around 100 kg is most suitable for family use.

  1. What other accessories you want with your trampoline?

Safety enclosure

Safety first, therefore it is very wise idea to purchase a trampoline with a safety enclosure. No matter how careful you are when jumping on a trampoline or how old you are, accidents are always prone to happen. There are many times you hear about people falling off a trampoline. There are many different types and sizes of safety net available in the market.


Ladder of Trampoline

When you think of your younger children, a ladder will make it way easier for them to access the trampoline. It can also prevent them from making a risky decision of jumping off the trampoline and get any injury. A ladder you should pick is the one with flat steps as it will make it way more comfortable for your children to step on bare foot. Sometimes, a ladder is included in the package; however, it is more often that they will sell it as a separate item.

Weather cover

Trampoline is an outdoor toy so it has to endure all kind of weather. In order to keep it in best shape, a weather cover is necessary. It will protect the trampoline from the sun, the rain and even bird droppings. The weather cover is often designed to have a hole for any water to be drained.

  1. You are curious about trampoline tents, what we can use it for?

Manufacturers design trampoline tents like a dome over the trampoline and it can be taken down by folding like a roof of a car. These tents come in handy when the weather is not perfect to bouncing on a trampoline. The tents will secure a playtime for the family despite all the weather conditions like rain or strong sunlight. It is also an amazing idea for your older kids to have a sleep over party with the trampoline and the tents as a den or a space to hold the event. With the tent, you can make use of your trampoline anytime of the year and with any kind of weather.

  1. What about delivery?

Trampolines are popular to be purchased online; however, the delivery fee can be a pain. Therefore, you should never forget to check how much you will be charged to have it delivered. You can find a fixed delivery priced with some retailers, however, in a lot of cases, they will charge extra fee based on how heavy the package is. Sometimes, with a bit of luck, you can find a company that offer free delivery.

  1. What if I need to know more?

If you need any further information about a trampoline, it is always a good idea for you to email or call your retailer to get the answer for your questions. You will not only clear your head off the questions but also be able to check if the retailer knows the product well. It will increase your confidence in the purchasing decision.

It is worth knowing that the benefits that come with a trampoline are huge since it increases family bonding, health benefits from physical activities, it also improve one’s posture and balance, and the biggest part is that a trampoline is a serious fun!!!.

We are here to help you choose the Best Trampoline! Thanks for visiting our site and if you have any additional questions, please click here , we’d love to hear from you! (Lee jackson)