Top Tips & Tricks for All Those Who Are Working On Their Feet

It is a well-known fact that over working feet always put extra stress overall body, thus taking extra care of the feet is considered as the primary priority in order to have good health and wellbeing. Thus, it is suggested to buy the best shoes for standing all day.

Beside this, standing all day might cause and lead towards huge range of the health issues for instance plantar warts, bunions and callouses. It is vital to mention that all these health issues or conditions are extremely painful however, can be avoided with appropriate foot care that includes both good shoes choices and proper posture in order to contribute to overall wellbeing and health of the feet.

Furthermore, working on the feet on daily basis might cause problems to back, legs and feet. According to society of podiatrists and chiropodists, every year approximately two million sick & illness days are mainly lost because of lower limb pain and disorders.

Women's Casual ShoesIn spite of all this, people are able to prevent majority of the sick and illness days by simply wearing appropriate shoe for particular job & following the regular foot upkeep routine carefully. In order words, people have to wear the shoes according to the nature of their job.

Additionally, whether people are cooking on the restaurant line, teaching in the classroom, cutting hair or making hairstyle in the salon, folding different types of the outfits at the apparel store, making the additional efforts in order to take better care of the feet & legs might go the long way in direction of good health & happy life.

Restaurant workers, pilots, flight attendants are intensely aware of risks of the pain & foot injury, which accompany the line of the works of different professional workers. However, by simply taking few simple and easy to follow precautionary measure, people are able to reduce swelling & additional stress on their feet, which will eventually result in less discomfort and pain.

Tips and Tricks:

In order to reduce pain in the feet, it is advisable to follow the below mentioned tips and tricks carefully.

Wear Appropriate Shoes

It is worth mentioning that wearing comfortable and supportive footwear while working regularly on the feet is very important. It is advisable that always try hard to avoid high heels and narrow toed footwear. Moreover, flat sole footwear might look like an obvious and perfect choice for all those who are working on their feet however, these footwear are not suggested for the extended standing. It is essential to note that according to an authentic research, heel must be raised by approximately ¼”.  Additionally, work footwear must also give ideal arch support. It assists reduce soreness and weakness in the feet and legs. People can buy arch support pads from the athletic stores or drug stores if their shoes are unable to give enough support.

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Thus, in other words a better place to begin is selecting the shoes, which have the negative heel that puts the heel marginally over than ball of foot, as footwear designed in this manner are ideal for the health of feet.

Ensure They Fit

Majority of the people wear footwear, which are very small as a result, it cuts off flow to their feet, upsurges their risks of blisters & makes standing and walking painful, if not intolerable. Furthermore, getting their feet correctly sized can assist them to make perfect decisions while buying the shoes & reducing discomfort.

Stretch Whenever Possible  

I would like to mention that muscles could become painful and stiff as people walk or stand all day. It is suggested to stop or take breaks in order to relax, stretch & prolong tightened muscles.

  • good shoesRunner’s Stretch: in order to do this it is suggested to face the wall & place hands against wall. Afterwards, extend 1 leg behind the body. Now, push the heel to floor as much as you can. Hold for moment in order to feel a stretch & then shift sides. It is suggested to repeat 3 times on every leg.
  • Calf Raises: it is important to note that stand on upper hand of step or the platform. Now, stand high with abdominal muscles always dragged in. Secure balls of the feet steadfastly on step with heels sagging over an edge. Now, raise the heel few inches directly above step as users stand on their tiptoes & hold for few moments. Furthermore, lower the heels rear to with platform. It is suggested to repeat ten times.

Take Extra Care of Feet at House

While users in comfort of house, they can assist, their feet get better from day & get ready for tomorrow. Then, try one of the below mentioned treatments:

Firstly, massage the feet as gentle massage of the feet & arches can bounce fitted foot muscles & help their feet improve more rapidly.

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