Which Type Of Motorcycle Helmet Should I Buy?

Choose the best helmet for you can be a difficult decision. According to best motorcycle helmet review 2016, I know that more and more motorcycle helmet appears  on the market. To determine which motorcycle helmet is best for you, you should choose a motorcycle helmet to fit your personality, your budget as well as safety needs

If safety is your primary concern, you should choose a helmet that has been proven to be safer and supply a higher level of protection than the other helmet. This may be the case when someone is trying to decide to buy a full face helmet or a half helmet. In my opinion. If safety is the biggest concern, you usually select full face helmet because it provides much protection for you

In the end, the budget of a person driving will also play an important role in choosing which one is the best motorcycle helmets for riders. In fact, these types of the expensive helmet just match people who have large budgets or the professional racers. High-quality helmets offer a lot of protection and comfort but not the most expensive helmet

What kinds of Motorcycle Helmets are there?

types of motorcycle helmets

There are a number of different types of motorcycle helmets that driver can select and here are a few different types that really need to be understood to determine motorcycle helmet would be best for you.

  • Half helmet

A Half helmet is very popular for those who want the comfort when wearing because they supply a lot of ventilation. However, A half helmet does not offer a high level of protection as other helmets. One other drawback of half helmet, it provides protection for less than full face helmet because it has no masks. So, the driver must wear glasses to protect own eyes.

Currently, this was overcome when some half helmet has eye shield left to that protection for the eyes of the driver. Half helmet is more advantageous in terms of warm riding conditions because it has plenty of ventilation to keep cool driver

  • Full Face Helmets

Full face helmets are often more popular than the other helmet types for these reasons, including the fact that they provide a higher level of comfort and safety for the rider. The helmet shell has almost surrounded the head of the rider. Therefore, full face helmets are more favorable than the other helmet while riding in cool condition because they protect the rider from the wind chill and temperatures.

In addition, it also helps protect the rider’s face from dirt and debris. Today, one of the common types of helmets full face modular is a combination of half or 3/4  helmet and full face helmet should be very handy technique. It’s just giving you both ventilation and safety. If you are looking for maximum protection and comfort, full face helmet is the best choice for you

  • Novelty Helmets

Novelty helmets are probably one of the helmets, it is increasingly popular because of the fact that it is extremely light weight and offers the maximum comfort. The big downside of novelty helmet is that they do not provide the protection that half full helmet and helmet provided. Because the helmet pads slim than other helmets. In view of the riders, Novelty helmet is very similar to half helmet but not as bulky as since they have less material. If you are looking for a helmet that is lightweight and provides maximum comfort, novelty helmet is the best for you

  • Modular helmet

The next choice is a modular helmet which is also known as “flip-up” or “convertible”. Like the full face, this type also covers the chin. However, you can rotate the chin bar or even remove it. Mobile chin bar is a favorable factor as it allows you to talk to friends while riding without taking off masks

What is the Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands?

The Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Below is a list of the best helmet brand. Not only do they prove to be of the highest quality, they are also committed to the quality of the product.

  • AGV

This is an Italian motorcycle helmet firm founded by Gino Amisano, However, when it established, the production company was leather seats. In 1947, they moved to manufacturing motorcycle helmets and the glorious history of the company started from here

  • Arai

Arai is a Japanese company specializing in the design and make the helmet mainly for racing, and all production of the company are made by hand and meet the Snell standard. If you select the Arai as your helmet, you will not be disappointed in the quality.

  • Bell

Bell Helmets are very diverse, ranging from snow helmets to motorcycle helmets. They always persevere changes designed to increase safety and fit with the year’s fashionable trends

  • HJC

Since 1971, HJC only produced helmet. Their innovative ideas combined with reasonable prices have led them to become one of the most successful companies in this field. Their helmet super light weight and appear in all markets.

  • KBC

With  focusing on research and development, KBC is one of the best helmets in recent years. Their headquarters is in California, but they have stores, factories worldwide to produce  and  sell. Their mission is to bring the best products for user

  • Nolan

Nolan focused on the production of modular helmets and all helmets Nolan are certified by DOT. They have used modern technology to their advantage to account for 50% of the European market.

  • Shark

Shark is a French firm producing motorcycle helmets for over 25 years. They were set up by the professional racers, so they have enough experience to produce the best products. Over the years, they famous for advanced technology, stable performance, and high safety

  • Shoei

This is a Japanese company, In 1959, they started producing helmets. With each passing year, they develop new products and expand production scale. Therefore, they have become the biggest manufacturing helmets company  in Japan. Their products are extremely diverse from design to price you will never be disappointed if you buy Shoei helmet

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